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One Fine Day

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Hogrogian, Nonny. One Fine Day. Simon and Schuster, 1998. 32 pages. Tr. paper $9.99 ISBN-10: 0-02-043620-3.


Armenian, Folktale, Picture Book


Greed, Foxes


Originally published in 1971, Nonny Hogrogian’s One Fine Day is a children’s classic.  This is a beautifully illustrated story about a young fox who steals a drink of milk and then suffers the loss of his tail because of it.  Through determination and a willingness to work with others, this fox finally rights the wrong he committed at the beginning of the story and gets his tail back.


One Fine Day is a beautiful picture book, filled with bright colors and beautifully expressive characters.  The story is repetitive and simple, making it a good choice for younger children. Ages 0-8


Even though most of us no longer live in rural settings where trade and barter are common, the setting and the premise of this story seem almost timeless. One Fine Day has a very simple cumulative plot, but through repetition and accumulation, the story develops a rhythm that younger listeners will love.


Caldecott Award 1972


A very thirsty fox takes a chance and steals a drink of fresh milk, only to find himself tail-less and dependent on the help of others to get it back.


Nonny Hogrogian’s Website


Written by Meghan

May 21, 2011 at 8:04 pm

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